1 Year8 Months

That’s how long our average client stays with us.

RedTundra was founded to make advertising online more streamlined and cost effective for businesses around the globe, big and small.

Bottom line: we’re in business to stay in business. We prefer long-term relationships to short-term flings, and each one of our many clients means the world to us.


We have a 100% ROAS Guarantee for a reason: we want you to feel comfortable with us every step of the way. We’d always rather lose business than do business poorly.


We aren’t like most PPC firms. You will always own your ad accounts and if we don’t see an advertising opportunity for your business, we’ll tell you before working together.


We maximize our clients’ return on ad spend with astonishingly low ad management fees. Impressions, clicks, and engagements are great, but we’re here to drive sales. Real sales.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

We try our very best as marketers…not to be marketers!

Because we’ve been burned by marketers before.

The fluffy writing, the “everything but conversions” reporting, you know the drill.

We prefer to simplify things, make them easy to digest. We don’t create reports longer than a page, and our ultimate goal is to get out of your way so you can do what you do best: run your business.

We’re going to make this easy. Promise.

RedTundra was founded by Adam Lawrence in 2016 as a way to manage digital ad campaigns for a few happy clients around the US, joined shortly thereafter by a team of talented marketers.

We have since rapidly expanded business operations and are one of the fastest-growing PPC ad agency in the world, serving a large and diverse number of clients in a variety of industry types.

With expanded service offerings including translations for 67 international markets and counting, RedTundra is driving incredible results for businesses around the globe. Are you ready to join us?

There’s Nothing to Lose

There’s a decent chance that if you contact us we will let you know that digital advertising on any platform may not be best for your business. That’s a good thing to know. Or we’ll let you know if we think we can grow your business with a 100% ROAS Guarantee It’s really a no-brainer. Really.

  1. Consultations available 7 days week.
  2. Calls set up around your schedule.
  3. 100% free. No strings attached.