Is no one seeing your content on Facebook?

Are you sick of posting dozens of pieces of excellent, expensive content only to watch it disappear online?

I hate to break it to you, but the days of advertising on Facebook for free are pretty much over. Nowadays, if you want your content to get out on the News Feeds of people who actually care about your brand, you’re going to have to shell out some dough.

The good news? You won’t need to spend much to get your content to your followers; just $1 will exponentially increase the value of your posts!


Boosting Your Content is Now Mandatory

If you want people to see the content you’ve worked so hard to produce, you’ll need to start boosting it.

Back in the day, Facebook promoted content linearly, meaning that no matter where it came from, Facebook would organize posts in users’ News Feeds based off the time they were posted.

This obviously presented businesses with a terrific opportunity; branded posts were received and acknowledged just as frequently as posts from users’ friends!

Today, it’s quite a bit different.

Posts are organized based on the user, and what content Facebook’s algorithm believes is most important to them, with time simply being an additional factor.

These changes have pushed content from businesses far down News Feeds. In fact, we at RedTundra estimate that a standard post from an average ecommerce business on Facebook will only reach 0.5%-2.5% of followers.

But it’s not just the reach with your branded content that’s the problem. The real problem is who you’re actually reaching.

It’s Not Just Your Reach, It’s Facebook

No matter what you see on Facebook, the delivery of your branded content will be skewed, as the majority of people you reach organically will be acquaintances of the people who like your page, not individuals who actively follow you or you are explicitly targeting.

This makes boosting your content all the more important.

The following is an example of a simple post we put up on one of our client’s Facebook pages prior to advertising it in any capacity.

As you can see, it was delivered organically to “664 people reached,” and generated a few likes and a comment.

But here’s the thing, these “664 people reached” aren’t 664 people who like this client’s page…when Facebook shows a post to a user, if that user likes the post, it will reverberate across their friends’ News Feeds and even people who have very little desire to engage will qualify as “people reached.”

So 664 people reached is really more like a couple dozen, with a whole lot of noise around it.

Everything Changes with a Simple Boost

Take a look at what happens when we add a simple $1 boost to this post.

Bam. Only $1 generated a 5x increase in post engagement.

How about $10?

Even better.

For just $10, we increased post engagement over 10x!

That’s the power of paying to boost your branded content on Facebook.

When content is advertised as opposed to simply posted to your page, Facebook takes measures to ensure it actually gets into the News Feeds of the people you want looking at it!

Bottom line: you’ll garner 10x returns with a simple boost of your content, largely due to your posts reaching the people that should be seeing them in the first place.

Moving Forward with Boosted Content

The goal of Facebook is to connect people with the things they care most about, not to let brands advertise for free.

So while it may seem harsh that Facebook forces you to pay to boost your content to people who care about your brand, particularly the followers you’ve spent years acquiring; however, the asking price is, frankly, low.

Just a single dollar will get your content out to over a thousand of your followers, and in the scheme of things, that’s a small price to pay to get your content out on the News Feeds of your best dedicated list.

I hope you enjoyed this post…on Facebook posts. This stuff can be fun (and boring) but there’s always a lot to learn! For more information about our Facebook Ads management services, give us a call or shoot us an email today! We’d be happy to speak with you about how to better structure and optimize your campaigns.

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